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Confidently Measure TBUT with Amcon Dry Eye Test Strips

Amcon Dry Eye Test strips are the only fluorescein test strips specifically designed to accurately measure TBUT. The slim applicator tip is impregnated with 0.12mg of fluorescein. This design allows a maximum of 1 µL of fluid to be added to the delicate tear film. The typical tear film volume ranges from 3 to 7 µL. When a traditional fluorescein diagnostic strip is used, up to 17 µL floods the tear film. Due to the fluid overload, TBUT measurement is not repeatable, therefore unreliable.

How to Use DET
featuring DET inventor, Donald R. Korb, O.D.

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Accurate and Easy to Use

Amcon Dry Eye Test Strips are designed to be not only accurate but easy to use. No shaking is required since the strip is designed to hold only 1 µL of fluid. The same small amount of fluorescein is applied to the eye with each strip. DET proves to be very user-friendly.

Invented by an Optometrist

The Dry Eye Test was invented by Dr. Donald R. Korb, a Boston optometrist , who is internationally recognized for his invention of contact lens designs.

Dr. Korb's name is synonymous with two of these designs: the lid attachment method of fitting rigid lenses (the Korb technique) and the first membrane soft extended wear contact lens, the CSI lens. He is currently the President and Technical Director for Ocular Research of Boston (ORB), a company he founded in 1987, whose primary pursuit is the development of products for the treatment of dry eye and dry skin.

Dr. Korb has a long history of discoveries documented by 24 US patents in the areas of ocular diagnostic equipment, contact lens polymers, contact lens design, and ocular drugs and formulations.


Press Releases

Amcon Laboratories Announces Release of Dry Eye Test
ST. LOUIS-September 15, 2006
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